Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: "Jane Austen's Letters" Collected and Edited by Deirde Le Faye

In its fourth edition, it is perfection itself. No other words describe it. One of my favorite passages, taken from Cassandra Austen's letter to her niece Fanny Knight on July 18, 1817 after the death of her beloved sister Jane Austen. 

I have lost a treasure, such a sister, such a friend as never can have been surpassed. She was the sun of my life, the gilder of every pleasure, the soother of every sorrow; I had not a thought concealed from her, and it is as if I had lost a part of myself. I loved her only too well -- not better than she deserved, but I am conscious that my affection for her made me sometimes unjust to and negligent of others; and I can acknowledge, more than as a general principle, the justice of the Hand which has struck this blow.
~Cassandra Austen 

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