Thursday, February 16, 2012

Internship Update!

     I've been enjoying my internship immensely. As an intern I do a mixture of activities around the Jane Austen Centre, including guiding, working in the tea room and gift shop, organizing group visits and helping to plan the Jane Austen festival we have in the fall. These past two weeks I got familiar with our exhibit and the running of the company. The exhibit is a collection of historical pieces from costume to other artifacts that describe Jane's life during her time in Bath. Jane Austen lived in four different houses during her time in Bath, and visited regularly during her childhood. 

       This past week I've been outside greeting visitors to the Centre. Although it's been a little chilly, I've enjoyed meeting the many visitors of the Centre and the passing Brits. Everyone loves to comment on my outfit, whether it's too cold or too hot for the weather. I've been poked once or twice to see if I'm a mannequin and the men in lorries like to honk once in a while. My favorite part, however, is the kids who just love to smile and wave at me. Little girls especially run up to me to look at my costume and say hello. 

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